This is the time of year when my car usually gets taken apart for some reason or another. This year for me it's the front end.  If  the work is small or large, parts will be scattered all over my garage. Here at the shop we work on many different types of cars and it can be hard to keep track of all the bits. One way to organize everything is to use the catalog as a guide. Most companies divide their catalogs into sections, like engine, body, interior, etc. At the shop we put all the small items in boxes and mark the box for each section of the catalog of that particular car we are working on. Maybe I should try this at home.

With the winter coming and the roads are about to turn cold and icy, Unlike my poor little British car that gets driven year round, you might want to think about putting your classic away for the winter.

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Joe's Tips

A few weeks ago, two days before the first autocross, I drove my Sprite to work. It started running bad. I was confused because it hardly ever gave me any trouble in the last 10 years of much abuse. It would idle good but as soon as I gave it any rpms it would start to miss. I checked out everything, I  replaced the electronic ignition with some points I had saved for back up. I even changed the gas thinking it was bad. That didn"t help. I went as far as to check the compression which was great. I had to stop looking for the problem because I had work to do. The morning of the autocross I decided to drive it anyway thinking someone at the event might be able to figure it out. All bumed out I stopped at the local Wawa for some tea and I ran into a friend who does mobile work on trucks.  After talking to him for a few minutes he said let me take a look. He put a timing light on number one cylinder and discovered it had a miss. He then put the light on the number two, three and four cylinders  and discovered they also had a miss. Showing that problem was in the distributor. He said to check the plate that holds the points, noticing that I don't run a vacum advance It might be loose. On British cars they have a screw for  fine timing adjustment. We turned the screw all the way to the end and it fixed the problem. I drove away happy and went on to the autocross which I did ok in. The car ran great. To make a long story short, a buddy of mine once said to always start with the simple things first. Some day I'll learn.
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